Infertility Stress Test

Infertility Stress Test

Can you identify with any of the following:

  • You feel your body fails you each month you don’t get pregnant.
  • Your mind seems to be dominated by this single thought: “Am I pregnant yet?” It is hard for you to focus on your work or any other task that does not involve getting pregnant.
  • You hide tears when your friend tells you she is pregnant.
  • You feel sad more often than happy.
  • You long for a child and feel empty because you can’t conceive.
  • You feel envious, jealous or angry at anyone who has children.
  • It appears to you that people just don’t understand how painful it is not being able to conceive.
  • You feel you don’t belong with your peers who are having families.
  • You feel you are not a real woman because you can’t conceive.
  • Your inability to have a child has created tension in your relationship with your partner.
  • Not being able to conceive has cast a shadow over everything you do, you’re upset because your partner seems unaffected.
  • You feel you have lost control over your life and your emotions. You cry a lot for no apparent reason.
  • You wake up with a dark fear that you will never become a parent.

If you can relate to any of the above statements, you are experiencing a significant amount of infertility related stress.

The good news is you are not alone. Infertility counseling may be able to help you reduce stress and enjoy your life more.

For coping tips and articles on coping with infertility related stress please click here.

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