Infertility Counseling

Infertility Counseling

Infertility is very stressful, especially for women. The level of pain women feel when they cannot conceive is comparable to losing a loved one or receiving a diagnosis of a terminal illness. This emotional roller coaster can lead to anxiety and depression.

Stress and anxiety reduce the overall quality of life, and they can compromise fertility and reduce chances of getting pregnant.

If you are feeling burned out and demoralized or if your relationship is suffering, counseling can help. Infertility counseling can successfully reduce stress and depression leading to improved treatment results.

Individual and Couple’s Counseling

The initial therapy session will be 60 minutes long and subsequent sessions are 45 minutes.

I am always enthusiastic to a meet new client and learn about your needs. I am eager to find out how I can be of best help to you.

As we work together in therapy, you will discover how to reduce stress due to infertility, including infertility treatment induced stress. I will help you discover how to take care of yourself and how to deal with the intense feelings of sadness, anxiety or anger that you may have so that you can move forward in your life in a calmer and more positive manner.

Skype and Telephone Counseling

Skype or telephone counseling is an option if you do not live in Houston. It may also be recommended for clients who have already established a relationship with me, but currently:

  • Have a significant medical condition that prevents them from driving
  • Put on bed rest during your treatment to maintain pregnancy
  • Have a newborn or a sick child at home
  • Have work or other commitments that conflicts with our usual schedule

The length of a Skype or phone counseling sessions is also 45 minutes.

I have been providing Skype and telephone sessions for many years. They can be very effective especially while you are undergoing your treatment.

Services are offered in person at Dr.Irena’s office in the Houston Medical Center and The Woodlands. Skype and telephone sessions are available upon request for those who don’t live in Houston.

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