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We're going through IVF. Are we allowed to pick the sex of our baby?

Posted in Fertility Treatments and Services • July 21st, 2017 • by Dr. Ertug Kovanci

At Houston Fertility Specialists, we routinely perform genetic screening for embryos, which improves pregnancy rates and allows us to perform elective single embryo transfers (eSET). HFS has one of the highest eSET rates in the United States, which means that we have a low multiple rate and in turn decreases high risk pregnancies.

Your physician will know the sex of your embryos. This is an important conversation when going through in vitro fertilization and you and your partner should discuss this with your physician. You can discuss picking the embryo solely based on sex with your physician. Some patients choose not to find out the sex of the embryo prior to their embryo transfer. We individualize your treatment.

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